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Success Stories

some Typical client feedback…

Nicki WIlliams,

CEO Happy Hormones

“I instantly attained high-end clients, paying me a premium I could never have dreamed of and my business revenues continued to grow at an astonishing rate!”

Klara Debeljak, 

Founder & CEO Nourishi consulting

“Sanjib helped us focus our strategy, find the right kind of audience and market, attract the right kind of clients, optimise our sales process, and as a result, accelerate our business growth.”

Ken Sahota, 

CEO Amilli Property

“My absolute dream target for our 1st quarter was to get 10 high end new clients, we ended up with 27”

Nicol Garwood,

CEO Ascension Mastermind

“I’ve had many business shifts ranging from getting ideal clients to now speaking across Europe”

Blair Connell,

CEO A1 Remapping

“Sanjib is a phenomenon who has transformed my business and helped me have my happiest year ever”

Peter Rae,

International Investment Banking Consultant

“Sanjib’s unique approach allows you to easily reach your goals in an elegant way”

Dan McAndrew,

CEO ADI Business Success Limited

“I get total clarity within seconds every time I speak with Sanjib”

Martin Salem,

CEO Salem Academy

“I doubled my profits within a month, whilst working much fewer hours”

Minesh Bhindi,

CEO Gold For Life Trading

“If you want super-fast results and to manifest the life you want, you need to be working with Sanjib”

Tehmina Zaman,

CEO ePreneur

“My business and happiness levels have continuously soared.”

Mo Ali,

CEO Business Philosopher

The big results I did get from my coaching with Sanjib were massive and unbelievable.

I hit all my business revenue targets easily, launched a new online program and also fulfilled a lifelong dream by writing and publishing my 1st book in that same period.” 

Dominica Alicia,

CEO VegeRasta

“I am now so much more productive, achieving more in less time”

Kirit Pankhania,

Founder & CEO Knowledge Corporation

“An absolute must for any entrepreneur looking to breakthrough challenges and live life at a higher level”