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Welcome To The Yogi Tribe!

Hi, My name is Sanjib Mukherjee

I am the founder of The Yogi Tribe, and it is my pleasure to welcome you to our online home. 

What is The Yogi Tribe?

Who This Tribe is For?

Our Purpose & Vision

The Problems You Face

Being an entrepreneur or industry leader can be a lonely task. 

There are very few people who will understand the deep-rooted motivations, which inspire you to do the things you do.

You are expected to resolve every business problem on your own, and constantly deal with the overwhelm of thoughts, ideas, and opportunities which come your way. 

Keeping a clear focus on what you truly want to do, and then maintaining the enthusiasm to see each project to its conclusion, can be a challenge, even for the best of us.

These challenges often lead to procrastination, perfectionism, and self-doubts, which then lead to a loss of confidence, loss of energy, and then a deep sense of burnout. 

Inevitably, you then fall into a vicious cycle of working more, but achieving less.

This results in frustration and unhappiness, as deep down, you know you are capable of achieving so much more with your business, and your life.

The Solution To Your Problems

Quite simply, The Yogi Tribe! 

You will have the clarity, direction, confidence, and support to reach all of your business goals, in the fastest time possible.

We work with you to develop an optimal strategy for your business success while helping you attain a peak performance mindset.

A peak performance mindset is crucial to living with the calm, happiness, and freedom that you truly deserve.

You will have an unparalleled level of world-class support and networking opportunities from fellow successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders. 

You only need three things to be successful with your business: clarity on what you want, the best business strategy for you to attain this goal, and support from a tribe of like-minded winners to ensure you succeed.

Th Yogi Tribe will give you them all.

How We Are Different To Anyone Else

What sets us apart from any other coaching group is the speed at which you will get results

In most cases, the transformations happen in a matter of minutes. 

We help you overcome any business challenges you currently face and provide you with the fastest path to multiply your business growth. 

Our entire ethos is 100% results-driven.

We not only look after your business, but more importantly, we look after you!

You will learn the most effective meditation and mindset strategies that enable you to control your thoughts and maintain a happy and vibrant life. 

The wisdom you learn, has been tried and tested for over 5,000 years. No other coaching can lay claim to such time-tested proven results.

The other major difference between us and any other coaching group is the unparalleled level of world-class support you will get from this tribe.

We take a personal interest in everything you do, and you will get a sense of protection and empowerment like you have never felt before.

You no longer have to operate and figure everything out on your own.

A Brief Background To How We Started

My inspiration for this venture started after successfully working for over a decade in senior Business Development roles, during my corporate career. 

I worked with multinationals such as Johnson & Johnson, Nortel Networks, and Aventis, to name a few, and lead many management consultancy assignments.

I became known as the go-to guy to get fast business results due to my ability to create absolute business simplicity for any given situation. 

As well as helping gain fast business results, I also had this unique ability to help leaders quickly achieve a deep sense of freedom and inner happiness, which was largely due to my lifelong study of ancient spiritual wisdom.

As my success stories in the corporate world began to grew, I became inundated with enquiries from other executives and entrepreneurs to help them achieve peak performance results, whilst maintaining a real sense of happiness.

I was encouraged from all quarters to set up a coaching venture on my own, as there was a pressing need for my services. 

Thus, The Yogi Tribe was born.

Your Next Steps

Read more about our Mastermind Coaching program to see what we can do for you, and your business.

Sending all my blessings, 

Sanjib Mukherjee, 

CEO & Founder The Yogi Tribe.

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